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Wasp Hotel

To provide garden habitat to attract either pollinators or predators such as wasps.

Key Points

  • Ensure materials are free of treatments.
  • Provide a rain shelter to slow decay of the timber.
  • Mount minimum of 60cm off the ground to prevent cane toads gaining access
  • Put in a place free of disturbance and away from traffic, to prevent inadvertent contact of guests with gardeners.

The hotel can be built from any materials, the one in the photo is made from scrap pine from an old building project, screws, galvanized wire and a hardwood stake salvaged from the garden.

Split pesticide free timber, drill appropriate sized holes
Bundle with wire
Fasten to hardwood timber post
Place in or near garden, view 1
Place in or near garden, view 2

Don't forget to charge rent.

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