Northern Queensland Permaculture

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share


To serve information relating to:

  1. Permaculture
  2. Resilience
  3. Living in the North of Australia.

Where possible, references to resources or other sources of information have been provided.


If you wish to get into contact with Northern Queensland Permaculture, please email:

  • pomfreyhooch at gmail

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This project has been created in a response due to a lack of location specific information for Permaculture principles. If you're interested in setting up your own location specific Permaculture Database, such as this website, please get into touch. We have setup this project in such a way that:

  • Running costs are very low (power usage, maintenance etc.)
  • Backend usability is simple, and easy to maintain for non-web developers
  • Front end wiki editing is simple and easy to maintain once the basic instruction manuals are understood

Website Inspirations

Nicole Foss

Nicole Foss is an economist and writer who focuses on the interconnected challenges of energy depletion, economic instability, and environmental degradation. Her teachings offer practical advice for individuals and communities looking to build resilience and adapt to these challenges.

Foss advocates for a transition to lower levels of energy consumption, emphasizing the importance of local food production, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation. She also emphasizes the importance of building resilience into our communities and systems, investing in local food systems, developing alternative currencies and financial systems, and building social capital and community connections.

Foss argues that debt-based economies are inherently unstable and prone to collapse. She advocates for more stable and sustainable economic systems, based on local currencies, mutual credit, and other alternative financial systems.

Foss also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and collaboration, both within communities and between different groups and organizations. She argues that building strong social capital and networks is essential for creating resilient communities that can adapt to changing circumstances.

David Holmgren

David Holmgren is an environmental designer, author, and co-founder of the permaculture movement. His core teachings focus on creating sustainable and regenerative systems that work in harmony with the natural world.

Holmgren's teachings emphasize the importance of observing and understanding natural patterns and systems, and using this understanding to inform the design of human systems. He argues that by working with nature, rather than against it, we can create more sustainable and resilient systems that benefit both people and the environment.

One of Holmgren's key concepts is the “permaculture flower”, which represents the seven key areas of focus in permaculture design: land use, shelter, energy, waste, water, food, and community. Holmgren argues that by designing systems that address these seven areas, we can create sustainable and regenerative communities that meet the needs of both people and the environment.

Holmgren also emphasizes the importance of using renewable energy and resources, and minimizing waste and pollution. He advocates for the use of organic farming and gardening techniques, such as composting and companion planting, to create healthy and productive ecosystems.

Another key aspect of Holmgren's teachings is the importance of community building and social connections. He argues that by working together and building strong relationships within our communities, we can create more resilient and adaptive systems that can better withstand environmental and social challenges.

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