Northern Queensland Permaculture

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share



The Permaculture Handbook

By Peter Bane

  • A good introduction into permaculture living, without necessarily getting bogged down in specific design details or principles.
  • Recommended as being in the first collection of books to read.

Permaculture - A designer's manual

By Bill Mollison

  • The original, and the best, the permaculture design manual. The holey grail of permaculture design written by one of the early founders.
  • Documents key permaculture principles.
  • Recommended that this book is part of your collection, however not necessarily the first book you read.

The predicament

Some resources, there are many available.

  • Peak Prosperity ( Checkout the “Crash Course”
  • The Limits to Growth (book from early 70's however eerily accurate for Business as Usual)
  • Nicole Foss (
  • A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (documentary available on Youtube)
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