Northern Queensland Permaculture

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share


  • Oranges (โ…” quantity)
  • Lemons (โ…“ quantity)
  • Sugar (as needed)


Cut up oranges & lemons. Put the fruit and skins in one basin (can put through the food processor if desired) and in another basin put the seeds. Cover the fruit with water, only enough so you can just see it. Cover the sees also. Stand overnight. Next day boil up the seeds. Strain and then add the water mixture to the oranges. Cook the fruit until it's tender. Then add 1 cup of sugar for every cup of fruit. Put back on the heat and boil furiously until the jam is set. Store in clean sterilized jars.

Sugar should be cup for cup of fruit, (50% 50%).

โ€”Sandra Boyle

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