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Melon & Lemon Jam


  • Wild pie melon or honeydew melon
  • Lemons
  • Sugar
  • โ…” proportion melons, โ…“ lemons


Cut up melon into cubes in a basin. Stir through enough sugar to lightly coat the fruit. Leave overnight. Cut up the lemons putting the fruit & skins in one basin and the pips (seeds) in another basin. Put enough water with the fruit so you can just see it. Cover seeds with water. Stand overnight Next day boil up the seeds, strain & then add the liquid to the fruit. Boil up the melon & lemon until tender. Add one cup of sugar for every cup of fruit. Boil furiously until set. Store in clean sterilized jars.


Maximum 13 cups of fruit for 13 cups of sugar in a large 45L saucepan.

โ€”Sandra Boyle we made jam from wild pie melons growing at the Home Hill beach one year that turned out nicely

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