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Botanical Information

Botanical Information
Order Lamiales
Family Lamiaceae
Genus Salvia
Common Name Rosemary
Species S. rosmarinus

Maturity days

Planting Months

Planting months
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Permaculture uses

Permaculture uses
Usage 1 Usage 2 Usage 3
Bee_food Herb

Growing condition comments

Growing Condition Comment
Drought Tolerant Yes
Humidity tolerant
Planting area Garden_bed
Sunlight Full_sun



Short comments

Herb used in cooking, oily leaves. Doesn't like wet feet. Best in raised pot, in the ground.

General comments

Space plants: 100 - 150 cm apart Compatible with (can grow beside): Beans, Carrots, Cabbages, Sage Avoid growing close to: Potatoes Rosemary will grow from seeds but this is not recommended as the success rate is very low. Small cuttings are easy to grow. Put in light, sandy soil where you want your plant to grow or start in small pots and plant out when established. Rosemary comes from warm Mediterranean areas but adapts well to colder climates. In areas of heavy frost, a cutting potted up and kept in a sheltered spot will insure against total loss of your plant over winter. Dryness suits rosemary, so well-drained soil and sunshine will be best. Once established rosemary can be harvested all year round. Rosemary grows well in patio pots or tubs.

Will survive the Townsville summers, but will die if waterlogged during the wet.


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