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Botanical Information

Botanical Information
Order Apiales
Family Apiaceae
Genus Coriandrum
Common Name Corriander
Species C. sativum

Maturity days

  • 45

Planting Months

Planting months
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Permaculture uses

Permaculture uses
Usage 1 Usage 2 Usage 3
Bee_food Herb

Growing condition comments

Growing Condition Comment
Drought Tolerant
Humidity tolerant
Planting area Wicking_bed
Sunlight Full_sun



Short comments

Herb. All parts are edible, fresh leaves chopped in dishes. Seeds dried as a spice.

General comments

Thin to 45 cm Compatible with (can grow beside): Dill, Chervil, Anise, Cabbages, Carrots Avoid growing close to: Fennel A half-hardy herb with feathery leaves. Grows more reliably from seeds as coriander is liable to bolt to flower and seed when seedlings are transplanted. Coriander doesn't like extreme heat and in tropical zones grow it during the cooler season. Needs a sunny spot and mulch to prevent drying out. Keep very well watered. If they dry out, then they will bolt to seed. Plant in successions (planting new seed every few weeks) to get a continuous supply. The seeds can be dried and ground up as a spice.


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